A committee has been set up to craft a plan to reopen businesses in Laramie County, the Cheyenne-Laramie County Health Department announced Friday.

Executive Director Kathy Emmons says the first goal is to allow various businesses to carefully reopen with maximum safety for their staff and customers, and the second goal is to prevent a surge of COVID-19 cases that might overwhelm the healthcare system.

"The group will be evaluating recommendations from national and statewide health experts and guidance from trade associations and local businesses," Emmons said in a statement. "Gov. Mark Gordon will be providing additional guidance next week that will also drive future efforts."

“All plans for reopening must be approved by the health department before proceeding, and not all businesses will be able to reopen at the same time," said County Health Officer Dr. Stan Hartman.

"We want to get people back to work, but it has to be a careful, thoughtful process and it will not be as quick or easy as we would like,” Hartman added.


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