With more single fathers across the country winning custody of their children these days, the Comea Shelter in Cheyenne is seeing an increase in single fathers with families as well.

That's according to a post on the Comea Shelter Facebook page:

''We are currently sheltering 4 families which we have done many times before. But what makes this group of families a bit different is that 3 of them are single fathers taking care of their children. We are seeing more and more Dads gaining custody of their children and doing a great job. These men seem very motivated which is necessary considering most services are designed for single moms. We have to be especially patient and creative when working with these families since men raising kids seems new for some reason and navigating through limited options for help is challenging. Being able to adapt quickly to the needs of our community is what makes us a unique asset! It’s rarely easy but a challenge we happily accept."

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