The Comea Homeless Shelter in Cheyenne is lifting  most restrictions on who is allowed to stay in the face of expected dangerously cold wind chills later today into early Friday.

The shelter is also asking for donations.

That's according to a post on the shelter's Facebook page:

There has been considerable concern expressed by our Mayor and our community regarding folks experiencing homelessness and our impending low temperatures. We have beds and mats, food, could always use more blankets (twin preferred), and pillows. We have lifted all restrictions for entry into the shelter and will be relying on CPD for assistance with any aggressive or inappropriate behaviors. The only exception is people who are unable to take care of their own personal needs such as going to the bathroom, dressing and eating, etc. we are a shelter, not a nursing home and our services to people in need do not include medical or CNA services.
Our heat/electric bill is already over $5200 a month so help paying the bills is always appreciated. Coffee and cocoa will go fast and we would like to keep it available all day.
Thank you Cheyenne, for always keeping the most vulnerable in your hearts and minds.
The Cheyenne Office of the National Weather Service is warning about dangerous wind chills of between -55 and -70 starting later today and running through Thursday.

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