With a size like Cheyenne, you would think that city officials would have plenty more to do than to bully a local resident over a carved bear in front of her house.

Minnie Bravo-Garris was told by the city of Cheyenne that she must cut down a bear that she had carved out of a stump in her front yard, back in 2011. At the time, she and her husband paid $3,000.00 to have the bear carved out of a 10 foot tree stump left behind by the city.

Now, the city says that she must cut the bear carving down, or have him removed, or face a pretty hefty financial penalty. City residents are outraged, as am I, over the asinine ideas of bully a city tax payer over her bear.

Many residents have stated that they really enjoy the bear, as they cruise northbound on Warren Ave in Cheyenne, and see no reason for its removal.

You would think the city would have more to do like shrinking the budget, fixing potholes, and lowering sanitation rates to financially make life better for its residents. But no, priority one seems to be attacking the bear on Warren Ave, that so many people have grown to enjoy since its carving.

So I say, "Save the Bear!" Are you with us? If so, let the city know how you feel about it and let them know about legitimate problems in YOUR neighborhood, to help distract them from the bear.

Obviously, they need some guidance in this area.

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