City of Cheyenne
City of Cheyenne

The City of Cheyenne has decided to take action against a trailer park located at 316 Central Ave.

According to a news release from the city, the property owner, Robert Wink of H.Rose LLC will have 30 days to fix numerous health and nuisance violations on the site.

According to a city news release, the violations include the following:

"'Significant issues such as leaking roofs, missing/broken windows, weak interior floorboards, and unsuitable plumbing and water configurations exist at numerous manufactured homes making them not only uninhabitable, but a public safety concern and a danger to the residents of the manufactured home park. The absence and condition of exterior skirting of manufactured homes exposes pipes during extreme weather to the elements, prevents proper insulation to retain a safe interior temperature, and provide refuge for rodent harborage and infestation. Exterior doors of vacant structures have also been documented as not securely locked or inoperable.''

The release also says Cheyenne Police were called to the park 179 times in 2018, an average of six times per trailer. That followed 114 calls for services to the park in 2017 and 155 calls in 2016.
According to the release, the city has been working with Mr. Wink for over a year to fix issues at the park, with little progress being made over that time.

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