Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr says four trailers in a controversial trailer park in south Cheyenne lack doors or windows, plumbing, heating, running water and in some cases don't have electricity.

The mayor says one trailer only has electricity because it has an extension cord running to a neighboring mobile home which has electrical service. Because of the lack of running water or plumbing, the mayor says residents of the structures are using nearby Crow Creek for those purposes.

The mobile homes are located in a trailer park located at 316 Central Ave. The mayor says the park does not have a name. She says three of the four trailers in question right now are currently occupied. The mayor says in at least one case the residents are paying $400 per month rent.

Orr says that while the city could legally force the residents to move within 24 hours, the city will instead give the residents 20 days to leave and is working with the local faith community to try to find the residents new homes.

About 4-6 people are believed to be living in the trailers, according to the mayor. She says the owner of the trailers recently moved those residents in from their previous living quarters at the Big Horn Motel in Cheyenne. The mayor says the four trailers in question had previously been boarded up.

The mayor says that while right now the focus is on the four trailers that she says are dangerous, there are some larger issues with trailer park in general over the long term.

She says that includes the fact that at least 21 trailers are encroaching on public right of way property, and the park as a whole is located in a floodway for Crow Creek.

But she says dealing with some of those issues will be a multi-phase process.

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