Cheyenne Mayor Patrick Collins says a South Dakota company is looking to build a travel plaza near the Interstate 80/College Drive intersection.

The mayor made the comments in his weekly ''Mayor's Minute'' column.

The mayor provided few details on the proposal, and such things as the exact size of the travel plaza and how many jobs it might contribute to the local economy were not divulged. Collins did not disclose the potential cost to build the plaza, but said the company is interested in making a "sizable investment."

He did say ''It is always challenging when you have many governmental agencies working on a project, but I appreciate the coordination we always get with WYDOT and the County. Hoping to share good news very soon.''

Townsquare Media contacted the Wyoming Department of Transportation for statistics on traffic on Interstate 80 in the Cheyenne area.

WYDOT spokeswoman Jordan Young gave us the following comments:

Here are the average traffic counts for I-80 through Cheyenne in 2022. (2023 counts are not yet available.) I used data from sections of I-80 from Archer interchange to the Lincolnway interchange. 

Average traffic count for I-80 westbound in 2022 was 8,052, 3,154 of which were commercial trucks

Average traffic count for I-80 eastbound in 2022 was 8,337, 3,186 of which were commercial trucks

It's worth noting the most traffic is centered around the I-80/I-25 interchange and the US 85 interchange (mm 359-364), where counts ranged between 10,434 to 11,136 average daily traffic."

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