Time capsules have been around for centuries and can be a great find for those who have the opportunity to open them. Cheyenne has a time capsule also.

When coming upon a time capsule, it's natural to wonder what is inside. Who were the people that put the items in the time capsule and what was going on at the time they placed the items in it?

One of the more famous time capsules was dug up in Boston, Massachusetts in 2014. The copper time capsule was buried by Paul Revere and Sam Adams back in 1795.

The contents inside the copper capsule included at wood shilling, made of pine wood, dating back to 1652. Other contents included several coins, new papers and other items.

If you go to the Cheyenne Veterans Affairs Medical Center and you know where to look, you will find a time capsule that is not to be opened until May 4, 2034.

What exactly is in there remains a mystery for many. One may only assume that whatever current events or trendy items were the rage in 2008, is probably in there.

I guess we'll have to wait for the V.A.'s 100th anniversary in 2034, to find out.