If only Cheyenne had more options of 24-hour restaurants, especially in a city located so close to two main interstates. So it's a pretty convenient feature for Cheyenne that they have the 'Best 24-Hour Restaurant' in Wyoming.

According to the national food publication 'Eat This, Not That!', they were able to find the best 24-hour restaurant in each of the 50 states. In Wyoming, that title goes to Penny's Diner in Cheyenne. 'Eat This, Not That!' had this to say about the local spot:

The classic diner car feel is on full display at Penny's Diner in Cheyenne. The restaurant serves up yummy milkshakes, burgers, and chicken fried steaks that are worth the detour if you're in Wyoming.

When you have a combination of things such as shakes, burgers, chicken fried steaks, and breakfast served all day on your menu, you're certainly a spot that is worthy of making a trip to. Check out their online menu here.

The diner is located at 1625 Stillwater Ave and is a hotspot for travelers staying at the adjacent Travelodge by Wyndham Cheyenne off Stillwater Ave. Personally, I am ashamed to admit that I have yet to make my way to Penny's Diner, but after reading about the recent recommendation from 'Eat This, Not That!', it is definitely on my to-do list in the near future.

Of course, if you're doing some traveling to the south, Denver's The Breakfast King took the title of best 24-hour restaurant in the state for Colorado, so should you need a all-night spot to go to in Denver, you have your recommended spot. And in case you're road tripping anywhere else, and you happen to get hungry at anytime of the day, you can check out all the recommended spots in each state here.

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