The City of Cheyenne Sanitation Division is trying out a new program designed save time on collecting trash, according to a release from the city.

The idea behind the new pilot program is to eliminate trash trucks having to collect trash on the street and then in the alley behind the same homes. The plan is to mandate that all trash containers in a given area will be placed either on the street or in the alley, but not both.

By assigning all trash containers to either street or alley collection, sanitation officials think they can save time on collection

City of Cheyenne Public Works Director Vicki Nemecek says if the program is successful, it will "allow us to provide service to more customers utilizing our current resources." She also says there has been some confusion about the program, with people thinking the city will order that all trash pickup will be done on only one side of a street.

She says that isn't true, however.

The city is trying out the idea in an area between Windmill Road and Long Valley Road and Nationway and Lincolnway. There are 134 households in the area receiving letters telling them where to put their trash containers for collection.

The sanitation division will then expand the program to other parts of the city, making adjustments as they are needed. The plan is to make the project city-wide in about a year or so.

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