Cheyenne police responded to 69,367 calls last year, the lowest number since 2014.

CPD 2020 Annual Report

According to the department's annual report, 47 percent (32,818) of the calls were citizen initiated and 53 percent (36,549) were officer initiated.

The department made 4,390 traffic citations, 64 percent (2,801) of which were made by the traffic unit, which was short-staffed throughout the year.

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"COVID-19 appeared to affect traffic volume in 2020 with fewer drivers on the road, especially in the first 2/3 of the year," the report said. "Additionally, school closures in March significantly reduced school zone and bus related violations."

CPD 2020 Annual Report

Police issued 61 tickets for speeding in a school zone, 192 fewer than in 2019; and 10 passing school bus with red lights activated citations, 53 fewer than in 2019.

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