Cheyenne police say they're seeing a pattern of "kids running off because they're bored," but they're not seeing anything "too serious" as far as juvenile crime.

"A couple of people have reported ding-dong ditching," said Officer David Inman. "We're not surprised it's happening."

"The kids are bored, they don't want to be in the house anymore, so they go out running around and they don't come back and the parents call," he added. "Then they're just making up excuses when they get back so they don't get in trouble."

Inman says an excuse they've heard twice this week is, "I was kidnapped at gunpoint by someone in a white pickup."

"It's just one of those things to where it's like what really happened," he said. "A police officer with any kind of sense will tell if that's legit or not."

Inman says he understands kid are bored, but they really need to stay home to help slow the spread of the coronavirus.


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