According to a post on the Cheyenne Police Department Facebook page, local cops have conducted almost 70 percent more traffic stops compared to the same time in 2021.

According to the post, police have so far conducted 12, 944 traffic stops. That is a 68 percent increase over this time last year and is already more than the total number of stops conducted in all of 2021 [9,134].

According to the post, speeding is the most common traffic infraction for which people are being cited:

• Speeding – 849 citations
• Driving under the influence – 355 citations
• Failure to yield to a traffic control device – 159 citations
• Failure to maintain lane – 144 citations
The post quotes Police Chief Mark Francisco as saying :
“The data indicates that we have successfully increased our traffic enforcement efforts, but ideally we would like to see these numbers decrease, as a result of safe driving habits,” said Francisco. “Working together and keeping the rules of the road top of mind, we can finish the year strong and have a safe holiday season.”
The post also says that starting today and going through Sunday, police will be out in force looking for traffic violations.

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