The Cheyenne Police Department welcomed two new officers to its ranks Monday.

Ashlyn Smith and Jonathan Penhale were sworn in during a ceremony at the Cheyenne Public Safety Center.

Originally from Minnesota, Smith left a career in veterinary medicine to pursue her dream of becoming a cop.

"I want to give back to others and be more involved in my community," she said. "That is my primary reason for selecting this new career."

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Previously a Firefighter EMT in Washington, D.C., Penhale says his "desire to make a difference in the lives of others" motivated his career path in public safety.

“We are proud to welcome these talented officers and are pleased they have selected Cheyenne as their new home,” said Chief Mark Francisco.

“For each of them, the choice to relocate to this community was intentional and a testament to the quality of life that we offer here," Francisco added.

The new officers will now attend the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy in Douglas.


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