The Cheyenne Police Department welcomed five new officers to its ranks Monday morning.

Reece Federer, Brian Hiltner, Erick Mayfield, Emily Taraski and Cole Tompkins were sworn in during a brief ceremony at the Cheyenne Public Safety Center.

"I have wanted to be a police officer since I was in the first grade," said Federer, a Cheyenne native. "I grew up in this town and feel that it is not only my responsibility to protect the Legend, but my privilege to do so as well."

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"This is a great place, with great leadership ... Thank you very much for your commitment to Cheyenne," said Mayor Patrick Collins. "I look forward to seeing you in our community and having the opportunity to work together."

The new officers were selected from a pool of 144 applicants, 14 of whom advanced through the hiring process. The five will attend the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy in Douglas in April.

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