Who wants to have some fun? Pretty much everyone really. Of course, there is a different level and branding of what's fun for everyone. Some like to go out and enjoy the nightlife, maybe hit the bars, go to a concert, or maybe do some traveling and explore. Others might want to check out a flick at the movie theater or just Netflix and chill. Perhaps a video game. There's all types. But when it comes to the level of fun to be had in each individual city, where does Cheyenne rank?

Our friends at WalletHub recently listed over 180 of the biggest cities in the country to definitively rank the 'Most Fun Cities in America'. By using several determining metrics that used a range of things like fitness centers per capita, movies costs, and average open hours of breweries to determine what the most fun cities were.

At the top of the list, it wasn't much of a shocker. The usual suspects were right there. Las Vegas took the title of the most fun city in America, while just behind it, Orlando, Atlanta, Miami, and New Orleans rounded out the top five. Our friends down south in Denver, CO took the 12th overall ranking on the list. Not bad! It's nice knowing we have another outlet of fun in driving distance from us. So where did Cheyenne rank?

Cheyenne came in at 162nd on the list and it's not even the most fun city in Wyoming. That's not so good. Casper ranked ahead of us, coming in at 132nd on the list.

The broad categories that Cheyenne did not rank especially well were in both 'Nightlife & Parties and Entertainment & Recreation. Cheyenne would be 173rd and 179th in those, respectively. However, we were 51st in cost, which isn't bad. But overall, not the greatest, especially when you can't even rank as the most fun city in your own state. So we definitely have some work to do, Cheyenne. We need to step up our game when it comes to our level of fun. To see where all other cities on the list ranked, check out the map below.

In the meantime, enjoy the weekend, Cheyenne!

Source: WalletHub

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