Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr was recognized by the Wyoming Legislature on Wednesday for being the first female mayor of the state's largest city.

The recognition brought back a flood of memories for Orr, who worked as a legislative lobbyist for two decades. ''it was great to be recognized, a true honor" she said.

Orr added ''A lot of important work gets done here, the days and nights get really long and I believe we are really well-served." Orr defeated Amy Surdam in the November general election for mayor of the state's largest city.

In the state was the first to give women the right to vote, Orr was the first woman ever elected to lead the state's capital and largest city. Nellie Tayloe Ross was the nation's first-ever female governor when she won a special election and assumed office as Wyoming's governor on Jan. 5, 1925.

However, she lost a re-election bid in 1926 and the state has never elected another female governor.

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