Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr says that although she did recommend an ''emergency procurement" of $250,000 to deal with potholes on city streets, she never declared a ''pothole emergency" as such.

She also says that some local news coverage, including that on, left a false impression about what she was saying on the issue.

''I have not declared an emergency, the National Guard is not coming in FEMA is not coming in'' Mayor Orr said in a Friday interview with Wake Up Wyoming host Glenn Woods on KGAB, adding that the KGAB article made it sound as though she had declared ''martial law" due to potholes.

The mayor did say, however, that there are apparently ''contradictions" in the rules on emergency procurements and whether the $250,000 to be used to fix the pothole problem can be allocated without city council approval.

As a result, the city council is scheduled to consider the proposal at its regular meeting tonight (Sept. 9). You can hear the entire interview Glenn Woods conducted with the mayor in the audio attached to this article.


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