Cheyenne Mayor Patrick Collins wrote recently that he is hoping for a wave of police officers from "communities that don’t have the love we have for law enforcement.''

The mayor also wrote in his ''Mayor's Minute" column on Friday that the city recently had four such officers were recently sworn in, and said more may be in the pipeline.

The column was posted on the City of Cheyenne Facebook page.

The mayor wrote the following:

"In today’s environment it is hard to recruit employees to come to work in any organization. For our police department that is also a challenge. We have a great department and a community that really respects and support our officers. I have been waiting for what I hope would be a wave of transfers from communities that don’t have the love we have for law enforcement. On Tuesday, we swore in four new police officers. They all come from outside of Wyoming and two are experienced officers looking for a better quality of life to pursue their vocation. Ty Volin comes from Oregon as a sergeant with 10 years of experience, Kilian Sweet had four years with the Indianapolis Police Department, Corrin Campbell comes from a family of officers as her dad is a 21-year member of Denver’s Police Department, and Nathanial Lucero retired from the Marines and used his GI Bill to put himself through the Colorado academy. More good news is we are processing additional transfers. I would encourage anyone interested in becoming a Cheyenne police officer to apply, we would love to have you."

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