Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr says progress is being made in her ''Fight the Blight' campaign.

In a news release issued on Friday, the mayor pointed to the condemnation letter recently issued by the city in regard to the Hitching Post hotel as well as plans to tear down the Carey Building early next year. The mayor said progress has also been made in cleaning up several other properties in the city:

1217 Dodge Court – The back-building property was initially deemed unsafe by the City and was further damaged by a fire. It has been demolished with the main residential property at that location set to begin a rehabilitation process soon by a private developer.

422 W. 2nd Avenue abandoned and deemed a nuisance by the City is being rehabilitated by the guardian of the absent owner.

316 Central Avenue - three trailers were condemned by the City as being unfit for human occupancy and were removed by the owner of the trailer court. A fourth unoccupied trailer at that location is also slated to be removed.

818 Windmill Road – an unoccupied residential home deemed a dangerous building with fire damage and maintenance issues by the City’s Building Safety Department – is currently undergoing a rehabilitation process through a private contractor.

815 Capitol Avenue – demolishing of the abandoned residential property occurred earlier this fall with numerous issues categorized as dangerous and a nuisance.

2020 Bent Avenue – condemnation notice was given to the owner last month.

575 W. 8th Street has also been identified as unfit for human occupancy with all windows and doors boarded for safety measures. The detached garage at that location has also been boarded up. Condemnation proceedings are forthcoming.

1605 Central Avenue “Bell Building” is being considered for rehabilitation with a developer applying for assistance through an EPA Revolving Loan Fund committee established by the Mayor.

1524 W. Lincolnway Atlas Motel – The building has been boarded up and Mayor Orr has been in discussion with the owner stressing safety concerns and the owner has indicated demolition will be forthcoming.

922 Country Club Avenue is an abandoned property plagued by uninhabitable conditions marred by broken glass windows and a collapsed fence. Notices to abate were sent and the property has since been sold and is being rehabilitated.

In her release, the mayor said ''real progress" has been made and warned property owners in Cheyenne to make sure sites they own are safe.

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