Cheyenne Mayor Patrick Collins has weighed in on the recent controversy over some anti-gay t-shirts that were recently being sold by a Cheyenne bar.

In addition to the image shown above, shirts read "IN WYOMING WE HAVE A CURE FOR AIDS; WE SHOOT F*CK'N F*GGOTS."

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The mayor offered these comments in his "Mayor's Minute" column on Friday:

''This week I have had many folks write with concerns about the homophobic tee shirt that was being sold at the Eagle’s Nest bar here in Cheyenne.  I cannot tell you how disappointed I am that anyone in Cheyenne would espouse thoughts like these, let alone put them on a shirt to sell.  I know Cheyenne people to be loving and accepting and this abhorrent episode is in no way reflective of our people.  We are the capital city of the Equality State, and it is important to let our LGBTQ neighbors know we believe they are a valued part of our community.''

The bar has reportedly stopped selling the shirts. You can read more about the controversy surrounding the shirts here.


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