After years of disagreement over how taxpayers' money should be spent and March 9th's announcement that the City of Cheyenne and Laramie County weren't renewing their long-standing contract with the Cheyenne Animal Shelter, the entities have finally reached an agreement.

Mayor Patrick Collins says the shelter's board voted Wednesday night to accept the city's offer of a three-year contract for sheltering services.

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"I’m happy we reached an agreement to continue our 50-year partnership," Collins said in his Mayor's Minute column Friday.

The shelter took over operations from the local dog pound in 1974, and in the early 80s reached an agreement with the city and county to also take over animal control services, but that partnership changed in 2021 when the shelter informed the city and county that they were discontinuing animal control services.

Collins says he's looking forward to meeting with shelter CEO Britney Tennant in the coming weeks to finalize the details of the contract.

"To all of you who called and emailed, signed petitions, wrote letters, waited in line to speak to officials, and asked critical questions - we thank you," Tennant said in a Facebook post Friday.

"Today's announcement is a win both for our animals and also for our community," Tennant added. "It is a wonderful example of what happens when people voice their values and unite in a common cause."

"I appreciate the passionate letters and emails from the folks in our community who are truly concerned about animal welfare," said Collins.

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