Imagine opening your front door and seeing nothing but snow and maybe a crevice of light at the very top left hand corner. That's exactly what happened in Cheyenne on Monday, March 14th, 20201.

American Meteorological Society (AMS) certified meteorologist, James Spann, posted a photo to his Twitter account showing just that. He captioned the picture:

How would you like to open the door and see this? Today in Cheyenne Wyoming… Photo from Lamar Hancock

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From the angle of the light, it would appear that Mr. Lamar Hancock lives in a downstairs apartment. That is of course, pure speculation on my part, but from the amount of snowfall both Cheyenne and Casper has received over the course of this winter snow storm, that seems to be the only logical explanation (although I have been wrong before).

When I opened my own front door Sunday after noon, I had a similar sight, except my view was about a fourth of this. I couldn't imagine having to literally dig myself out through my front door.

Here's to hoping Lamar got out and/or he was prepared for this storm.

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