We've heard the names Clay Tryan, Tuff Cooper and 21 time world champion Trevor Brazaile. They, along with 42 other world champs, have started their own rodeo gig.  It's not because they had a beef with the PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association), but because of the long, dusty trails that have gotten real old over the years.

Elite Rodeo Association is owned by rodeos top 55 athletes of which 42 of those top riders are world champions. The feeling and perception of being left out of conversations and decision making in the PRCA is what helped them to want to start their own gig.

They would like to enjoy more money and less travel, much like the guys and gals in the Pro Bull Riders Tours. Trevor Brazaile, who is also a board member with the Elite Rodeo Association said that he wanted to enhance the sport and build something greater for future cowboy and cowgirl generations.

Board member Clay Tryan also spoke of the realities of not wanting to travel to 75 events, 9 months out of the year at 42 years old.

While transitioning to their new endeavor, they will still ride in the PRCA and hope to win some money in the process.