In celebration of Home Fire Sprinkler Week, Cheyenne Fire Rescue is teaming up with the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition to educate the public about the benefits of home fire sprinklers.

A panel discussion will be held at 4 p.m. tomorrow, May 22, at the Cheyenne Public Safety Center and will be followed by a controlled burn with a side by side comparison of a room with and without a fire sprinkler.

"The demonstration will reveal the speed at which the fire sprinkler suppresses the fire in the room -- usually under a minute -- while the other room continues to burn and is already at flashover," said Cheyenne Fire Rescue spokesman Scott Smith.

"A flashover typically takes place between three to four minutes and Cheyenne Fire Rescue typically arrives on scene of a structure fire in five to seven minutes," he added.

“Using the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition’s educational materials allows us to raise awareness of how quick a home fire can become deadly and the life-saving impact of residential fire sprinklers," said Fire Chief Greg Hoggatt.

According to the HFSC, the risk of dying in a residential fire decreases by about 85 percent if sprinklers are present.


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