Cheyenne Fire Rescue personnel braved the dangerous cold 61 times over the weekend, putting out two residential fires.

CFR says the first fire occurred Saturday morning, Jan. 13, on Timberline Road.

"The fire was found in a wall and quickly extinguished by the first arriving crew," CFR in a release late Tuesday afternoon said.

"The occupants were not displaced from this event and no injuries were reported," CFR added. "This fire occurrence is still under investigation."

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The second fire occurred Sunday morning, Jan. 14, in a vacant manufactured home on Atkins Street.

"The fire caused significant damage to the home," said CFR. "No injuries were reported."

In addition to the residential fires, crews also responded to emergency medical incidents, fire alarms, carbon monoxide incidents, motor vehicle collisions, and potential gas leaks.

"The crews did a tremendous job over the weekend responding to calls while maintaining apparatus and the fire stations," said Chief John Kopper.

CFR says the extreme cold can cause a significant increase in maintenance on fire apparatus and some responses were adjusted to keep fire trucks in the warm stations as much as possible.

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