KingFM, Cowboy Country and KGAB were all present at the Day of Giving today... and our paparazzi managed to sneak in and take photos of the event when it was well underway.

If you ever want a testament to how absolutely generous the Cheyenne community is, all you need do is talk to a volunteer at this event. The Youth Event, held yesterday at the same Kiwanis Community House location, received nearly 4,200 lb. of food donations! Not only were the youth overly excited to have done such a phenomenal job on an inaugural event, but they were scrambling to find boxes for it all.

Today, as of 2 p.m., the Day of Giving received nearly 8,000 lb. of food. Not to mention tons of craft supplies, eye glasses, and other household items that went to charities around town.

Fun fact: Volunteers are on hand all day to sort through donations. But if you walk through the Community House, you may not see stacks of donations. Why? Because once items you donate are sorted, they are carted out to a truck that immediately takes them to the agencies and charities in need. Talk about helping someone immediately!

The Day of Giving 2014 will continue until 5 p.m. today (Friday, May 9). Hurry out there with your donations. Say hi to our staff. And thank a volunteer. They've been there all day!