Cheyenne Day of Giving organizers say the 2024 event, held on Friday, May 10, set records for donations of food and personal care items.

Event founder Greta Morrow told Townsquare Media via email ''It was such a good day!  We had decent weather for the first time in a few weeks, and the donors kept driving up and dropping off donations all day!''

Here are some hard numbers according to event organizers:

Businesses & community groups helping                                                    51

Congregations helping                                                                                       66

Non-perishable food and personal care items                                   29,305 pounds

Portion from the Youth Event                                                         11,100 pounds

Craft items                                                                                                           130 boxes

Portion from the Youth Event                                                                   29 boxes

Leftover prescription medications                                                                267 pounds

Medical supplies                                                                                             1,600 pounds

Durable medical equipment                                                                            177 pieces

Used eyeglasses                                                                                           778  pairs

Used hearing aids                                                                                           62

Hearing aid batteries                                                                                     85 dozen

Cell phones                                                                                                    100

Housewares for Fresh Start Program                                                        350  boxes

Furniture for Fresh Start Program                                                               41 pieces

Donations from individuals                                                                $ 12,385

In-kind donations                                                                                  Invaluable!

The Day of Giving was held at the Kiwanis Community House in Lions Park. It's a long-time Cheyenne tradition, which grew out of Greta Morrow's experiences as a cancer patient in the early 2000s.

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