UPDATE: Robin Bocenegra of the Comea House Shelter says that "wet shelter" program is being discussed but has not been implemented by the Comea House Board. But she emphasized the donations of cots are always useful and will be welcomed.

Cheyenne City Councilman Richard Johnson is asking people to donate unneeded cots to the Comea House homeless shelter.

Johnson says about 10 cots are needed to create a "wet shelter" area. The wet shelter would be used to house drunk people who cannot pass a breathalyzer test. These people have not committed any crime but may be intoxicated, which prevents them from being admitted into the Comea shelter.

Johnson says the wet shelter area would be in a separate area of Comea shelter from that housing other homeless people.

He says one of the advantages of a wet shelter area would be that it would free up resources from the Cheyenne Police Department  having to house drunk people who don't pose a threat to public safety.

Johnson is asking anyone who has a cot to donate to call Robin at Comea House to arrange a drop off time.

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