Investigators with Cheyenne Fire Rescue and the Cheyenne Police Department are working together to determine what sparked a mobile home fire in west Cheyenne Thursday evening.

Deputy Fire Chief Andrew Dykshorn says crews were called to the scene in the 2000 block of Missile Drive at 5:23 p.m. and arrived to find heavy fire spouting from three sides of the home.

Google Maps | Canva
Google Maps | Canva

"Crews worked quickly to attack the fire from the exterior until the bulk of the fire was extinguished," Dykshorn said in a press release.

"By 5:46 p.m., CFR had the fire under control, and the main body of the fire was knocked down," he added.

Dykshorn says an engine crew of three firefighters then entered the home to search for occupants, but no one was found inside.

"An estimate of damages remains unknown at this time," said Dykshorn.

As a reminder, Dykshorn is asking everyone to be mindful if they’re driving in an area where fire crews are working.

"Please do not drive over any fire hoses, whether full or empty," he said. "Driving over any fire hose can damage its quality and purpose and incur unnecessary costs to the city."

"Even worse, driving over these essential apparatuses could likely cause the hose to burst, which could further lead to endangering the lives of our employees as well as other residents if the hose fails during an emergency," he added.

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