Once again thanks to Reed Timmer Extreme Meteorologist for literally braving the elements to bring us photos and videos of storms across the West and Midwest. Usually I focus on his YouTube page, filled with wild weather from out West.

But this time he found, and featured, a photo of a mom with blood running down her face, holding a ball of hail that caused the injury.

On his FaceBook page Reed writes, "Gorilla hail is very dangerous! This mom is a HERO for protecting her kids in a monster hail storm yesterday in the Black Hills, SD!

Here is a picture of the mom. Her expression shows how tough she is.

Her name is Sarah Robinson. On her FaceBook page she writes, "Caught in a massive hail storm at pactola. No time to run to the car, covered the boys with the tubes (thank god we had them) and mom took the hit. Better me than them!"

Those poor kids. Up until now mom only guilted them with tales of how painful giving birth to them was - now she gets to hang this over their heads the rest of their lives too.

But we can see in this story the quick thinking, no hesitation, sacrifice a parent will make for her kids.

Honestly, go back and look at that hail ball. I swear it has spikes.

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