Are you sitting at home cursing your slow internet connection and lousy TV service? You might be suffering from small state problems. But is that a bad thing? Lets have a look:

Big States have lots of strangers.

Small States have a few good neighbors.

Big States have lots of crime.

Small States you can leave your doors unlocked.

Big States have great TV and internet service.

Small States have lousy service, but it is not as expensive.

Big States have politicians that you only see on TV or in the paper.

Small States your mayor lives in your neighborhood, and his kid plays with your kid.

Big States smell like big states. People buy air fresheners to make their homes smell like small states.

Small States smell like cans of air freshener.

Big States it takes over an hour to drive across town. That is mostly due to traffic.

Small States you can walk across down in under an hour.


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