There is opposition to these massive windfarm projects that are coming to Wyoming, in fact such opposition created the video above. So far, however, the opposition is losing and the landscape is filling with turbine blades.

In a 4-1 vote the Wyoming state land commissioners agreed to lease 4,804 acres south of Laramie for a wind farm.

ConnectGen now has a 40 year deal which will only be the beginning.

Eventually this will be a  26,000-acre development, 80% of which is to be built on private land.

Tie Siding is a small, rather spread out community just 18 miles south of Laramie. What they don't want to see is the proposed 60 miles of new roads along with 105 miles of electrical collection lines on poles and substations.

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The people of that community have pushed a campaign for years that has fallen on dead ears. "Our beautiful and wide open spaces are falling victim to the industrialization of nature. Never before have wind turbines this tall been constructed on dry land. The planned turbines were built for use in oceans and waterways. This project will be visible from Happy Jack, Vedauwoo, Boulder Ridge, and Laramie--both during the day and at night. Blinking red lights, in place to ward off low-flying aircraft, will pollute our night skies, ruining our beautiful vistas with these giant eyesores."

Perhaps if they had been fighting over environmental concerns of wind farms, and there are many, these home owners could have stood a chance.

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