If it hasn't been already, this could be a page out of a book by 'Ripley's Believe It Or Not.' This is probably the oddest cabin in Wyoming as it's made of fossil bones.

If you make your way east on Highway 30, just outside of Medicine Bow, Wyoming, don't be surprised if you see a cabin with some odd decor on the outside.

You might even see a sign a few miles out from town that reads, "Wonderful - Wyoming - Dinosaur Graveyard." Really? We'll, according to the locals, yes!

What has been known as the "Fossil Bone Cabin", has served the public as a private resident and a fossil museum for the last 80 years.

According to the historical account, a paleontologist by the name of Walter W. Granger found a cabin constructed from dinosaur bones in 1897.

To his surprise, Granger found a bunch of dinosaur bones scattered around the area and decided to begin digging to what would become the "Bone Cabin Quarry."

The guy who constructed the cabin was unaware that those cool looking rocks he used for decorations, were actually dinosaur bones.

The cabin has had only 2 owners in the last 80 plus years and was completed, as it looks today, in 1933.

If you're going to build your own home, from the lay of the land, you never know what natural materials nature will provide.


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