Wyoming is home to many things like the Devil's Tower, the Tetons, University of Wyoming Cowboys and hot springs. But the Cowboy State is home to some strange things too.

One of the stranger 'contraptions', if you will, is the Smith Mansion. Rumor has it that the mansion was built over a mine shaft.

The mansion resides in the Wapiti Valley, located on the east edge of Yellowstone National Park. The builder was a guy named Lee Smith, who started building the home out of harvested wood, logs, and other material, for his wife and kids.


Just looking at it, it gives the appearance the Smith just randomly threw it together. It seems as though Smith was very devoted to the house and not so much to his wife as their relationship ended in divorce.

Smith endeavored to add more spice to the home by installing winding staircases, more floors, and even a scenic terrace. However, Smith liked to work freestyle and, unfortunately, the house would be the death of him. Literally.

While working on the home, with no fall arrest system on, Smith fell to his death.

After Smith's death, the house has sat empty. In the meantime, stories of madmen, ghosts, and other legends have been fabricated about the house.

Today, Smith's daughter, Sunny Smith Larsen, is wanting to preserve the home and is wanting to keep it from being destroyed.

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