An 86 mph wind gust was measured at Emkay (a Union Pacific owned observation site about 14 miles west-southwest of Cheyenne) Wednesday morning, according to the National Weather Service.

"That's definitely in the upper percentiles of what we see around here," said Meteorologist Jared Allen. "(But) that site is usually one of our highest recording/measuring sites as far as wind goes."

"While it is an impressive wind speed -- it certainly can be impactful to a train if it's going through there, which is why they have it there -- it's not perfectly representative of a larger area," he added.

In spite of that, Allen says "we still have pretty elevated winds across the entire region."

"There at Otto Road right along I-80 it had a peak gust earlier this morning of 63 mph (and) at the intersection of I-80 and U.S. 30 they had a max gust of 67 mph, which is definitely on the higher end," said Allen.

"And then also along I-25 too, north of Cheyenne there's a Whitaker site that's gusted up to 61 mph this morning, Bear Creek had 57 mph and up north, Bordeaux's actually had a max gust of 70 mph."

A High Wind Warning remains in effect for much of southeast Wyoming until 6 a.m. Thursday.


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