This weekend is Independence Day, which means many neighbors and businesses will be displaying Old Glory from their homes and poles. Keep in mind how to display her.

Here are 5 things to keep in mind when displaying your flag. You don't want to be 'that' neighbor or business that is guilty of not displaying the American Flag appropriately.

  1. Visibility - Make sure that your flag is always visible. Most of the time, people display their flag from sun up to sun down. However, if someone decides they want to display their flag at night, they certainly can providing there is a designated light shining on the flag. A porch light is not proper. So, if you don't have a designated light for your flag, then it is best to take the flag down until the next day.
  2. Good Weather - It is proper to only fly the flag during good or 'suitable' weather. In order to not have your flag age much faster than normal, it is best not to display your flag during rain, snow or extra windy conditions. Which means in Cheyenne, we may not be able to display our flag as often as we would like.
  3. Flag On A Pole - If you are going to raise a flag up the flag pole, ensure that this is done correctly and respectfully. According to regulation a flag should be raised 'briskly and lowered ceremoniously.' In other words, you should raise the flag quickly and lower it in the same manner. If you are going to display the flag at 'half staff', you raise the flag to the top and then bring the flag half way down the pole. You can find out why flags are being flown at half staff here.
  4. Never Use The Flag For - Advertising, for holding anything, on plates and napkins, as they will be thrown away, nor write on it either.
  5. Desecration - Most all states have some sort of penalty for desecrating the U.S. Flag. However, Wyoming has no laws against flag desecration. Wyoming has a clause advising not to desecrate national and state flags, but there are no penalties for violating and advisory.