Today is Cheyenne day and to all of the locals, thank you for making this a great place to call home!

There are many things to see and do today and here's my top 5...

  1. Aerosmith - The headliner tonight. Maybe it would have been cooler to see them 10 years ago, but this is still going to be a rockin' good time and an easy concert to sing along to!
  2. Living Colour - They are Aerosmith's opener, make sure to get there early if you're a fan of rock and music history. Living Colour is the first all African-American rock band to make it big.
  3. Pancake Breakfast - Anytime the words free and breakfast are in the same sentence, I'm in!
  4. Air Force Thunderbirds - Start looking to the sky after 9:30 this morning for a spectacular show!
  5. PRCA Rodeo - Action continue at 12:15 this afternoon! Go cheer on your favorite cowboys and cowgirls from all across the nation!

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