A 19-year-old Cheyenne man is behind bars after allegedly strangling his girlfriend.

Police say they were called to a report of a physical disturbance between Jacob Nathaniel McCurdy and his girlfriend at about 6:36 p.m. Wednesday, June 7.

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Police say McCurdy had fresh scratch marks above his right eye which were bleeding and appeared to be defensive in nature.

McCurdy reportedly told police that he and his girlfriend were arguing because he found her texting another male, but the argument was only verbal with some pushing back and forth.

When asked about the wounds above his eye, police say McCurdy told them that they were from working at the truck wash and wrestling with his friends.

Police say McCurdy's girlfriend -- who initially stated the argument was only verbal -- had a swollen lower right lip, fresh bruising and scratches on the right side of her neck, and redness on the right side of her face.

When questioned, she said she "did not want to press charges," but eventually told officers the wounds were from McCurdy during the argument.

The female reportedly told police that McCurdy asked her about her "body count," referring to her number of sexual partners.

He then reportedly approached her and put her face down into the couch cushions and started hitting her on the back of the head.

McCurdy then reportedly let her up, grabbed her by the throat with his right hand, and proceeded to put her in a chokehold, causing her to lose her breath for 15 to 30 seconds.

Police say when they asked McCurdy if he had anything else to say about the altercation he did not.

McCurdy was subsequently arrested and booked into the Laramie County Detention Center on charges of strangulation of a household member-serious injury and domestic battery.

McCurdy made his initial appearance in Laramie County Circuit Court Thursday afternoon, during which he was informed of the charges against him.

His bond was set at $2,000 cash and his preliminary hearing was scheduled for next Friday, June 16, at 2:30 p.m.

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