It's been almost 8 years ago to the day when this famous wildlife encounter went down in Yellowstone National Park. A gray wolf attempted to take down an elk in a raging river in front of tourists with cameras rolling.

This special wildlife moment was shared on YouTube back in 2013 by the Boone and Crockett Club. It begins with an elk making its way across a river. Soon, we learn why the elk was seeking refuge in the water.

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A gray wolf was lurking at river's edge. The whole drama then plays out like a wildlife soap opera. Wolf wants the elk for dinner. Elk doesn't feel like being dinner so elk ventures into the middle of the river and stands there knowing that the wolf is having a problem getting footing in the fast moving water.

It appears that the elk has reached safety as the wolf retreats back onto dry land and the elk is on the rocky sand bar with the water separating them. In this case, appearances are deceiving.

If you follow this confrontation out to the end of the video, you'll see that a wolf does indeed manage to overtake the elk in the water. There's nothing too graphic, but you do understand that it likely didn't end well for the elk.

Since it was first shared, this video has now been viewed well over 3,000,000 times. The comments mentioned the wisdom of the elk trying to use the river to its advantage, but likely not being happy as she and the wolf are going down the river side-by-side eventually.

The rangers in the park eventually made the bystanders move along before anyone could determine the elk's fate. Just another day in the wild world of Yellowstone as nature confronts nature for survival.

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