It's a wolf pack versus a hungry grizzly. Just another day in Yellowstone National Park as valuable food sources were in the middle of a wolf versus bear confrontation.

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There is strength in numbers. Compass Media shared this video out of Yellowstone prior to the park's closing due to historic flooding with the following backstory:

Elie Wolf was in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA, on June 7 watching a group of wolves around a carcass when a lone bear appeared behind them. Dramatic footage shows the bear charged at one wolf before the numbers game caught up with it and the rest of the pack chased it back up the hill and into a nearby tree.

It's common that grizzlies steal wolf kills, but this pack wasn't gonna let that happen this time.

This reminds me of a video shared by the National Park Service a few months ago that showed a completely different kind of bear/wolf dynamic. This grizzly appears to join the wolves on a hunt.

Never a dull moment in Yellowstone National Park. There is hope that parts of Yellowstone will be available soon as the park announced part of the southern loop will reopen June 22.

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