4 Big Bull Elk Just East Of Edgerton, Wyoming [VIDEO]
Yesterday I had a fundraiser for the National High School Finals Rodeo to attend in Gillette and with hot weather and little chance of showers, I thought it would be a perfect day to hop on the bike for the trip up and back. When traveling by motorcycle I am always hyper-aware of wildlife as an enco…
Wyoming Wildlife – To Die For [VIDEO]
Just because its tourist season doesn’t mean we can kill and eat them, but some of our wildlife can.
Wyoming has some of the world’s most spectacular scenery and wildlife. Some would say “It’s to die for.” And they would be r…
Meet Cheyenne's Newest Resident: The Lions Park Bald Eagle
Moving to a new town can be difficult, especially when you're young and you don't know many people.
This week, Cheyenne residents are giving a warm welcome to our newest resident, the Lions Park Bald Eagle. For at least the past 10 days, this eagle has been camping out in and around th…

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