Yellowstone National Park is known for its beauty. With its multi-colored pools and magnificent geysers, it is almost like walking into a painting.

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Yet along with its landscape, the park also has an array of amazing animals. There are bison that roam the park, along with many deer and elk. It is also known for its many wolves, which were once so close to being lost.

Yet there is another animal that calls Yellowstone its home, once which is rare and elusive: the wolverine. These creatures are mid-sized carnivores that come from the weasel family. They usually occupy high-elevation alpine and forest habitats.

There is a low density of wolverines in the park, with there only being seven documented there, and they are rarely detected. So it was quite a shock when one of them was caught on video. The animal triggered a trail camera and was bolting through the snow in the night.

It was amazing to see this animal that is so often hidden in its full glory. You can see the whole trail cam video below.

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