UW Leadership Addresses Racist Incident During Presentation
President Ed Seidel, the Board of Trustees, and Senior Leadership recently put out a letter in response to an incident that had occurred during a presentation earlier this week.
During one of UW's Black History Month activities, participants of a Monday evening Zoom discussion were subjected to racia…
UW and State Libraries Launch Wyoming Newspaper Collection
The University of Wyoming Libraries and the Wyoming State Library have partnered in order to launch the Wyoming Newspaper Collection online.
This collection of historic newspapers combines the digital holdings of both institutions with a new interface that is more robust and provides better searches …
WDH Warns of Fraudulent Calls Surrounding COVID-29 Vaccine
The Wyoming Department of Health (WDH) recently put out a release warning residents to be conscious of suspicious and fraudulent activity surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine.
The WHD Director, Michael Ceballos, stated in the release that there have been reports of fraudulent calls to residents in which …
UW Offering Rocky Mountain Youth Entrepreneur Series
The Rocky Mountain Youth Entrepreneur Series created by University of Wyoming Extension 4-H educators to help youths develop local food businesses launches with its first meeting in March.
The series is free and open to all youths ages 14 to senior in high school...

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