The future of WyoTech was secured after DBJJDM Enterprises, led by Jim Mathis, completed the purchase of WyoTech on Monday, July 2.

“We’re pleased to announce that on July 2, 2018, we completed the purchase of the Laramie campus,” the WyoTech website says. “The school is now under new, local ownership who are dedicated to providing a top-notch experience for our students.”

Mathis said 12 students started classes at the technical school on Monday and that the next class will start in October with another group of students.

In November, WyoTech owner Zenith Education announced they were closing WyoTech and classes would be taught out.

After the announcement, Gov. Mead and the Wyoming Legislature empowered the Wyoming Business Council to solicit proposals for WyoTech’s continued operation and appropriated a $5 million loan to help a new owner purchase the school.

Mathis, a former WyoTech instructor and CEO, submitted a proposal to acquire WyoTech operations.

Laramie County Community College also announced that it would submit a proposal to assume the technical school operations, but stipulated that their offer would stand only if there were no private sector proposals to keep the school open. The Wyoming Business Council said in a news release that LCCC’s efforts helped open a pathway for the preservation of WyoTech.


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