What's your favorite supermarket? Everyone has their go-to store in and around Cheyenne, but what if that particular store only had one location in town that isn't exactly the most convenient for you to get to? Wouldn't you want another location for it. One supermarket in particular has been named the best in Wyoming, but there's only one location for it within the capital city.

By now, you may have already deduced what supermarket I'm referring to. According to the popular food publication, 'The Daily Meal', King Soopers is the best supermarket in Wyoming. It even made the list for 'Best Supermarkets in America'.

For anyone that shops there, it's tough to argue that. It's a great place. Here's what 'The Daily Meal' had to say about King Soopers, the best supermarket in Wyoming:

King Soopers is owned by Kroger, so it offers many of the same foods and services as the beloved chain, including store brands Simple Truth and Private Selection. It offers a wide variety of meat, produce and pantry items as well as meal kits via Home Chef. There are also plenty of coupons available, as well as a wide variety of goods that can be shipped to your door. Like Kroger, it’s up there with the best supermarkets in America.

Seeing as how King Soopers is the best supermarket in the state, can Cheyenne please get a second location for it. Of course it has its spot in the northeast corner of Cheyenne of Dell Range, which is obviously a popular location. However, given its popularity throughout the city, why not find a way to give it another convenient spot on the other side of town?

Obviously, I don't know the logistics or finances behind what that would take. It's just an idea. We have other supermarkets throughout Cheyenne with more than one location, so how about adding one more to that list since it is known as the best supermarket in Wyoming?

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