There will definitely be way fewer Super Bowl parties this year than in the past. But that doesn't mean we still won't enjoy the typical festivities of the big game that we always do no matter who it is or isn't with. And with those festivities comes food, and some of that is more popular than others in some states. So what's Wyoming's?

Using Google trends, the food publication Delish was able to find out what every state's most disproportionately popular Super Bowl food is. And judging from what it showed on a map, basically the entire country is all about dips during the big game. That also includes Wyoming. The most disproportionately popular Super Bowl food for our state is the 7-layer dip.

We were one of six states that chose the 7-layer dip. Five of those states happened to be in the west region. Other dips chosen by states included Spinach Artichoke Dip, Buffalo Chicken Dip, Rotel Dip in Alabama, and Pizza Dip in Washington (state). There were a total of 18 states that chose dips as their go-to popular foods for the Super Bowl.

Another food that was popular in six states was cake. States such as Montana, Texas, and Florida picked that. Perhaps there will be several Patrick Mahomes cakes in Texas (he's from there) and Tom Brady cakes in Florida, specifically in the Tampa Bay area.

Chili was also somewhat of a popular choice as five states chose that as their disproportionately popular Super Bowl food. Personally, I'd probably choose chili over cake for the big game, but that's just me. To see what each state picked, check out the map at the link here.

In the meantime, make sure you have plenty of dip for February 7th. And in Wyoming, specifically the 7-layer dip. And if I'm watching the Super Bowl with you, make sure you're stocked on beer.

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