Yesterday, February 24th was National Chili Day. Everyone loves chili! How could you not? There's so many different recipes and so many different ways you can eat it. Of course, in Wyoming, a big thing in chili and cinnamon rolls. However, of many national publications that discussed National Chili Day and all the great accompaniments of the dish, no one outside of Wyoming talked about cinnamon rolls whatsoever.

I've been in Wyoming for a little over two years now. I'm originally from St. Louis, MO. The first time someone mentioned 'chili & cinnamon rolls' together, I thought they were joking. So I personally have no history with that combo prior to living here. However, I do know it's a huge thing here. Maybe it's good, I have no idea. I have not ordered chili anywhere since I've been here. But if it is, that's fantastic! I do hear great things from Wyomingites about it.

However, seeing as how it was National Chili Day, I figured I'd see something about it somewhere, anywhere, in some sort of national publication that was talking about Chili's big day. But there wasn't anywhere that I could find anyone giving any sort of mention to Wyoming's unique combo of chili and cinnamon rolls.

One prime example is a list of chili accompaniments that I stumbled upon. It listed the top 11 most popular chili accompaniments and not one of them was cinnamon rolls. They had things listed such as crackers, cornbread, tortilla chips, others. But then I thought maybe it would be on the list of 'most popular ways to eat chili'. Again, nope. Instead things like, over rice, over a baked potato, or with mac & cheese were mentioned. There was no, 'with cinnamon rolls'. You can check out that full list here.

So for now, it seems that Wyoming's 'Chili & Cinnamon Rolls' will remain our underrated thing. Of course, like I said, I haven't had it, so I'm just going to go by what I hear on that note. Happy belated National Chili (& Cinnamon Rolls) Day, Wyoming!

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