Who doesn't love steak? No matter what state you're in, everyone who enjoys any kind of meat will always prefer a good steak. Being on the cusp of the frontier to the West, we also get some pretty good steak throughout Wyoming. So where is the best steakhouse in the Cowboy State?

Perhaps you think it might be somewhere in the northwest area of the state near Jackson Hole seeing as how the spot tends to get expensive, so why wouldn't they pay more to have to the best steak there? If that's the case, you would be wrong. The best steakhouse in Wyoming is much closer than that, but not super close.

As Spring has just hit, it is about that time of year where people want to get out and start taking some road trips. We would have to take one if we're hoping to eat at the best steakhouse in the Cowboy state as well. But according to 'Eat This, Not That', we would not only get a great steak, but we would also get to hang at the oldest bar in Wyoming.

'Eat This, Not That' calls Miners & Stockmen's Steakhouse and Spirits in Hartville, WY the best steakhouse in the state. The publication had this to say about the unique spot:

Not only is this a great place for steak, but it's also Wyoming's oldest bar. The USDA beef cuts are flavorful and juicy, and the restaurant aims to keep the food affordable for customers. The sides are simple but delicious, designed to complement the steak.

If you're looking to drive there, a trip up north to Miners & Stockmen's Steakhouse and Spirits would take about around an hour and a half by taking I-25 up north, according to Google maps. You can check out the entire menu for Wyoming's Best Steakhouse at the link here.

The spot keeps their Facebook page relatively updated as well with specials and more so you can check out what they have offer.

So if you're looking to try the best steakhouse in Wyoming, you know where to go!

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