There's nothing like a good sandwich. I'm someone that is always looking for a great sandwich shop for any meal. It's kind of like one of those things you can have for any meal (given the sandwich toppings). As it turns out, in Cheyenne, you don't necessarily have to go to a 'sandwich shop' for the best sandwich in the Cowboy State. It's located at a bakery.

According to the popular food publication 'The Daily Meal', they seemed to have found the best sandwich in every state. Given the traveling needed throughout all of Wyoming for that, it couldn't have been easy to find. Not only that, but all the different varieties of sandwiches couldn't have been easy to choose from either. But they came to the capital city and found what it here. The best sandwich in all of Wyoming is the Egg Salad sandwich at The Bread Basket Bakery in Cheyenne.

Here's what 'The Daily Meal' had to say about the Egg Salad sandwich at The Bread Basket Bakery in Cheyenne being chosen as the best sandwich in Wyoming:

The Bread Basket is Cheyenne’s most popular bakery, baking fresh bread, rolls and muffins early every morning. The folks here know to keep it simple and let the bread speak for itself, so only a handful of sandwiches are available, but they’re nothing short of ideal versions of classic lunchtime fare. The egg salad sandwich, for example, is fresh and simple. It’s a perfect representation of one of the many satisfying ways to use an egg.

You've probably either had The Bread Basket before or you've at least seen it on the east side of downtown Cheyenne, located at 1819 Maxwell Ave. They also happened to be known for having the 'best brownies in Cheyenne'. Therefore, you can finish off your meal with some dessert for a double whammy of things that are the 'best'.

Here's some examples of what you could be missing...

Regardless of what you get there, you surely won't be disappointed. Check out The Bread Basket Bakery's full menu at the link here. After all, not only do they have the best brownie in Cheyenne, but also the best sandwich in all of Wyoming!

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